10 Things I Hate About Revisions

I ran across this idea on Andrew Auseon’s blog. Since I feel like I’ll never be done revising my YA novel in progress, I asked my husband Harry to help me compile this list.

10. You’ve given up other things that are important to you in order to schedule time to revise your WIP, like writing new work, spending time with your spouse, shopping for food, calling friends and family. (My exercise routine has also gone out the window).

9. You read a portion of your WIP that you thought was so good when you wrote it months ago and ask yourself, “what the hell was I thinking?”

8. You aren’t having fun. You turn off the internal editor when you write creatively, but revising is not creative. That internal editor does its best to dampen your enthusiasm while you rewrite your WIP.

7. Your heart is simply not in the story anymore. The characters have become cold and the scenes lifeless. You don’t want to look at that integral chapter. You’ve rewritten it umpteen times, but it still isn’t right, so you force yourself to try again.

6. The trickle down effect. You make necessary revisions to the final chapter of the book, happy with the ending, only to discover that you now have to go back through the entire novel to make corrections that fit your new ending. You run screaming from the computer.

5. You ask yourself the question, “Am I revising the life out of it?” Your lifeless WIP doesn’t answer — unbeknownst to you it died months ago.

4. You are tired of answering the question, “Did you finish your novel?” with “No.” You want to scream if another person asks you about the progress of your book.

3. The creeping fear that you’ll never be finished is always in the back of your mind.

2. You wonder, if, after all your hard work in revising you’ll even be able to find an agent or if anyone will ever even want to read your novel.

1. You ask yourself “Why did I ever want to write in the first place?” Your lifeless WIP mocks you from the computer screen.