Wine news from across the hall: Dec/Jan

The “from across the hall” category will feature posts from and about my husband Harry Calhoun, who writes a monthly wine column, Ten Dollar Tastings.


Hello wine lovers!

The latest column (December/January) is now online — a special one, because this marks my first anniversary with Ten Dollar Tastings!

While 2007 was a hard year in many ways, I certainly have my share of blessings. They start with Trina and extend to good health, good friends and our “son” Alex the Labrador. As you’ll see in the column, Trina has snagged a little bit of celebrity and I’m revisiting my past career as a small-press poet and fiction writer.

This month features my top ten affordable wines for the year. Is a red wine or a white the top choice? Those of you who know my tastes may be surprised. There’s also the red wine I pick each month for Charlie Hart and my featured wines, from Redwood Creek.

As always, I hope you enjoy Ten Dollar Tastings.

Harry Calhoun

Web site:

Announcing Ten Dollar Tastings wine column

To all of you fellow wine lovers,

This is to let you know about a new wine column, Ten Dollar Tastings, which debuted last month and is now online at Beyond the fact that this column is written by my husband, who brings a witty conversational style to the subject of wine tasting, the column explores good affordable wines … the arts and music … wine history and facts … and provides a good time for all.

On a separate note, I have not posted for some time because I went to Atlanta for a week on business. Mistakenly thinking I’d have time to write I took a laptop computer and a memory stick filled with current projects. As it turns out I had little time for anything but work and some sleep.

I am excited that the introduction to the book that I started for middle school science teachers, The eccentric middle school science teacher: methods for success has been accepted for publication by Science Scope Magazine. Look for the introduction to the book as an article in an upcoming edition of Science Scope Magazine entitled, “Methods for success as a middle school science teacher.”