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R.I.P. Michael Crichton

Posted in All posts with tags , , , on November 5, 2008 by Trina

The bestsellling author died unexpectedly in Los Angeles Tuesday, after a courageous and private battle against cancer. He was 66. This news saddens me even more than it might have, following the excitement of the presidential election.

Called “the father of the techno-thriller,” Michael Crichton helped to build my thirst for thrillers. From THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, to JURASSIC PARK to NEXT, I have been under his spell. I showed THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN movie every year to my science classes. I watched every early episode of ER, drinking in the medical drama. ER was the first of its type and spawned many other such drama’s.

CBS News reports:
“While the world knew him as a great story teller that challenged our preconceived notions about the world around us — and entertained us all while doing so — his wife Sherri, daughter Taylor, family and friends knew Michael Crichton as a devoted husband, loving father and generous friend who inspired each of us to strive to see the wonders of our world through new eyes,” the statement said. “He did this with a wry sense of humor that those who were privileged to know him personally will never forget.”

Through his books, Crichton served as an inspiration to students of all ages, challenged scientists in many fields, and illuminated the mysteries of the world in a way all could understand.

“He will be profoundly missed by those whose lives he touched, but he leaves behind the greatest gifts of a thirst for knowledge, the desire to understand, and the wisdom to use our minds to better our world.”