Short stories

This page contains links to some of my published stories. Happy reading!


Read a short story based on the characters from my novel in progress on Luna Station Quarterly, a magazine focused on genre fiction as written by women. In “Payback is a bitch,” when a personal tragedy costs Detective Rosa Wolfe everything–her marriage, her career, and her badge–she returns to the streets she once patrolled, finding satisfaction in high-payoff vengeance for hire. Read more about the story on my blog.


I may not be a moonshine drinkin’, sweat-drippin’, pickup drivin’, yankee hatin’ redneck who eats greasy bacon, runny eggs fried in lard with grits, and sits on my neighbor’s sagging porch drinking beer and smoking cigars, but I like to write about them, and I do enjoy an occasional meal of shrimp and grits.

Have you ever had a terrible day at work–one so bad that you wanted to walk away and never return? What makes that day different from any other? For a young math teacher who has difficulty dealing with unmanageable students, it is the pervasive influence of her own childhood.


Pediatric hematologist Dr. Angel Carter treats young patients with rare blood disorders while grieving for her own lost child and marriage. The story grew from my own experiences with spherocytosis, a rare hereditary blood disease.

PECULIAR ADVICE–winner of an excellence award from Dana Literary Society –Read a satirical and humorous segment about one day in a North Carolina teacher’s life.

TO LIVE AGAIN–winner of Write Around the Block’s January 2008 short story contest–Allison is too frightened to get out of bed and turn on a light at night. And during the day, she is too scared to leave her house. Then she adopts Vanquisher, a scrappy pit bull terrier mix facing euthanasia.

BYSTANDER–a friendly triathlon
Amber suffers to compete in the stifling heat of a North Carolina June morning, until helped in a most unexpeced way.

–a high-tech look at Christmas!
Carrie discovers that she is Santa Claus–having inherited the ability to change physical reality with one click of the mouse.

For a young mother with three children and a dog named Trouble, daily life is a struggle–until it takes an unexpected twist in “Nothing but Trouble.”

It’s a beautiful story that leaves me with a renewed assumption that “The more things change, the more they stay the same”! — Shirley Allard, editor, Word Catalyst

2 Responses to “Short stories”

  1. pittsburghflashfictiongazette Says:

    I will be checking out your work.

  2. Wow! so you’re a writer…hmm…I love reading books. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult and expensive to buy english books here in Korea. so Maybe I’ll just visit here to have some good reading. God bless!

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