Nothing but Trouble

My short story “Nothing but Trouble” is now online in the December issue of Word Catalyst Magazine. For a young mother with three children and a dog named Trouble, daily life is a struggle–until it takes an unexpected twist in “Nothing but Trouble.”

It’s a beautiful story that leaves me with a renewed assumption that “The more things change, the more they stay the same”! — Shirley Allard, editor, Word Catalyst

Harry has five poems and a column in the December issue, so it will be worth the trip to a Word Catalyst Magazine to check it out.

“Nothing but Trouble” has been a two year journey from idea to print. I wrote a draft of the story back in October of 2006. Harry had read a few of Hal Borland’s nature editorials aloud to me and I was addicted to Borland’s vivid and colorful descriptions. I woke up at 3 am with the idea of a Stephen King type story written in Hal Borland prose. I wrote the first draft of the story before going to work. Originally titled “Pulse of Autumn, this first draft was a completely different story than the one you’ll read in Word Catalyst.

My writing group thought “Pulse of Autumn”, was well written and they liked the language, but felt it needed more conflict. So I rewrote the story adding three children and a dog named Trouble. The focus was different than the first version, no longer a tribute to the clear, crisp, sunny days of autumn, so I retitled it “Nothing but Trouble.”

You, dear readers, can decide if the story has enough of a hook for you. Did I add enough conflict to make it interesting? I hope you enjoy it.


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