Payback is a Bitch

Seems an unlikely post for the day after Thanksgiving, but this is the title of a story I just finished–maybe it is appropriate for Black Friday. As the title indicates, Red, A.K.A Red Riding Hood, is a hard-ass female vigilante with a coke habit. She partners with the seedy but savvy Nick the Nick in a high risk, high payoff career of vengeance for hire. I had fun writing it because Red acts on her own morals and beliefs, ignoring the law. I have a lot of freedom with her character and what she can and will do. I wrote the first draft of “Payback is a Bitch” last Friday and revised it during the week, which is why I haven’t posted–I’ve been working on the story instead. It was intended for DARK JESTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF HUMOROUS HORROR . It won’t work for the anthology because it’s not humorous–it’s more wry–and it exceeds the anthology’s 2000 word limit. I’ll have to find another market for it.

The story gave me idea for my next novel–a female Rambo. Rambo is a perfect example of a vigilante, which is probably why I like his character so much. So, I’m contemplating again. I’m going to keep my notes on the other novel idea I had, which was a Stephen King type detective thriller about a man who dreamed crimes into reality. I’m going to start working on the “Payback is a Bitch” novel first. I’m deciding who the POV characters will be: I already have Red, Nick the Nick, and a detective who will pursue them. I think Nick the Nick may be the main character, because he’s actually much more colorful and skilled than Red. More posts to come as I write the synopsis and get started.

BTW, Harry got me the complete collector’s set of all four Rambo movies for my birthday, which was Wednesday. We watched FIRST BLOOD and then the 2008 RAMBO Wednesday night–stayed up until midnight, which is late for us. Harry said not too many women would want to watch Rambo movies on their birthday, but I loved it.

Agent search update
I have an exclusive out for my young adult novel, so cross your fingers for me.

As I wait, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what I have to be thankful for.

• I have a job I like, when so many people are out of work. What a difficult holiday season it must be for them, and how fortunate I am to have an employer who is willing to let me work on a flexible schedule to give me time to write.
• I have an awesome daughter, who has overcome much–I’m proud of her–and an intelligent grandson who entertains me with his curiosity.
• I have a wonderful family, Mom and sisters, who are always there for me, even when I’m lazy about keeping in touch.
• I have friends, old and new, who enrich my life.
• I have a house I love. . . and there’s no threat of foreclosure hanging over my head.
• Most importantly, I have a husband who is a great companion, loves me and supports me in everything I do.

As a side about Harry, when I volunteered to start a Web site for him, I didn’t know updating it would become a full time job–not that I’m complaining. I am both happy and excited for Harry because he has numerous publications out and forthcoming. In December alone, he has 22 poems and three essays in eight magazines, as well as a chapbook upcoming on December 23.


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