In searching for an agent for my young adult novel, I discovered Nathan Bransford’s blog. He wrote a post titled HOW TO FIND A LITERARY AGENT. He says, “Welcome to publishing, the land of books, writing, and agonizingly long waits. Pour yourself a drink. You’re going to need it.”

Is he right! So far, I’ve sent out only one query letter to an agent and received a form rejection letter not even 24 hours later.

2 Responses to “Rejection”

  1. I got back a critique once where the person clearly hadn’t even read the book — although they got the title right, they referred to plot points that didn’t happen and got important information wrong about the characters. I crossed them off my list and moved on …

  2. I am happy to share that “Nothing but Trouble” will be appearing in the December issue of WORD CATALYST. Shirley Allard, the editor, said, “It’s a beautiful story that leaves me with a renewed assumption that ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’!”

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