Lost in Translation

During a brief period when I was freelancing fulltime, I interviewed Harry Calhoun about his success as a poet and marketing writer. The interview titled ON WRITING AND POETRY: HARRY CALHOUN IN CONVERSATION ran in Thunder Sandwich in 2005. To increase my exposure as a freelancer, I also submitted the interview to ezinearticles.com. Since then, the interview has appeared on various sites about writing. I feel proud that my first, and probably last, attempt at an interview is so popular. Harry says he doesn’t mind that his words are all over the Internet. Instead he feels honored so many are taking his advice to heart. It has even been translated into Spanish.

One version on fuentebetsaida.com was obviously lost in translation. Harry and I both got such a laugh from this garbled mess that I decided to post part of it. My favorites are that Harry was a uranologist (a physicist who studies astronomy) since 1980 and I gave up an occupation as a flourishing region edifice pedagogue. Who knew?

“This is meet brilliant. The flooded discourse is incredible? I m REALLY appreciative of whatever earnestly beatific advice from a man writer.” Mark Howell, Senior Writer, Solares Hill.

Harry Calhoun s represent could materialize beside the lexicon definition for “journeyman.” Living grounds that not every writers hit to be famous or follow to digit identify of composition to be successful, Calhoun has institute regular article souvenir as a uranologist since 1980 and was a widely publicised worker article and literate essay illustrator in the 80s and 90s. In addition, he has altered a genre entrepot and a modify entrepot for the structure playing and settled genre and falsity pieces in magazines much as Thunder Sandwich and The Islander. He has been an award-winning marketing illustrator for international companies much as GE and IBM for the instance note years.

Trina comedienne is a worker illustrator and application who has feature and enjoyed much of Calhoun s work. Read the entire garbled interview on fuentebetsaida.com .

The real interview reads:
“This is just brilliant. The whole interview is incredible! I’m REALLY appreciative of some seriously good advice from a fellow writer.” Mark Howell, Senior Writer, Solares Hill

Harry Calhoun’s picture could appear beside the dictionary definition for “journeyman.” Living proof that not all writers have to be famous or stick to one type of writing to be successful, Calhoun has found frequent editorial favor as a poet since 1980 and was a widely published freelance article and literary essay writer in the 80s and 90s. In addition, he has edited a poetry magazine and a trade magazine for the housing industry and placed fiction pieces and poetry in magazines such as Thunder Sandwich and The Islander. He has been an award-winning marketing writer for multinational companies such as GE and IBM for the past twenty years. Here he is interviewed by Trina Allen in his home in North Carolina.

Trina Allen is a freelance writer and educator who has read much of Calhoun’s work.

My bio is just as funny:
I am a worker illustrator and application who gave up a occupation as a flourishing region edifice pedagogue to indite flooded time. I started the Storm of Thought Writing Center for composition and redaction hold and advice. I am currently employed on a children s new and individual brief stories. My publications allow Dana Literary Society, and Thunder Sandwich. My articles most teaching, curricular materials and presentations hit appeared in educational magazines much as Science Scope.

The bio should read:
I am a freelance writer and editor who gave up a career as a successful middle school teacher to write full time. I started the Storm of Thought Writing Center for writing and editing help and advice. I am currently working on a children’s novel and several short stories. My publications include Dana Literary Society, and Thunder Sandwich. My articles about teaching, curricular materials and presentations have appeared in educational magazines such as Science Scope.

I am grateful that Harry was willing to struggle through my first attempt at an interview and that interview helped us to get to know each other. We got married soon after. I also decided that freelancing wasn’t for me. I like the security of a steady income over the starving artist thing. Developing educational tests is a much better day job for me.

Domain Registry of America Scam

This post is a warning for anyone with a Web site. I received a deceptive notice yesterday from Domain Registry of America (DRoA). See image below. It made me so angry that I had to write this post about DRoA. The notice came by snail mail in an envelope with my correct name and address–which really ticked me off–and included a return envelope for payment. The notice looks like a bill and was written to scare me into changing my domain name registry: “You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web, and now is the time to transfer and renew your name from your current Registrar to the Domain Registry of America. Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identify…”

I went to the Web site given in the letter: http://www.droa.com to find that the company offers “free” Web hosting for the lifetime of your domain. Free indeed! You can register your domain for only $30 for a year, with the rate adjusted to save if you sign up for three to five years. It is a scam. A scam that 50,000 Canadians fell prey to in 2003.

I learned from The Register that following an investigation by The Federal Trade commission, Domain Registry of America based in Ontario, Canada, was prohibited from making misrepresentations in the marketing of its domain name registration. Well DRoA is up to its old tricks and they obviously have my address.

There is no need for me to renew my domain name, and certainly not with DRoA. I have a Geocities Web site hosted by Yahoo. I pay a small monthly fee, but you can build a Web site for free through Yahoo with no need to pay for registering the domain name. Other sites offer similar free sites. I have no intention of switching. But this trick probably works quite well with people who have no clue how the Domain Name System (DNS) works.

DRoA have been fooling people since at least 2002, as the Domain Registry of America, of Canada, of Europe and of Australia. They’ve also used the names Yellowbusiness.ca, Internet Registry of Canada, Domain Registry Services, and Registration Services Incorporated. There is even a site dedicated to “inform internet users of the continuing saga of ‘Registration Services Incoporated'”.

According to the site this company first started sending out fake domain renewal letters to domain holders, using information illegally harvested from various WHOIS databases (mainly the Tucows OpenSRS database) in 2002.
The DRoA Web site lists contact addresses for them in North America, England, and Australia.

The Mulberry Tree

I am happy to share that “The Mulberry Tree” will be appearing in an upcoming issue of CHIRON REVIEW, a small press magazine that is just starting back after a hiatus of several years. I’m so happy I didn’t have to add another rejection to my growing pile–see Living with Rejection.

Have you ever had a terrible day at work? One so bad that you wanted to walk away and never return. What makes that day different from any other? For a young math teacher who has difficulty dealing with unmanageable students, it is the pervasive influence of her own childhood in “The Mulberry Tree.”

Not surprisingly, I had some of those horrible days that ultimately led me to trade the classroom for a computer keyboard–hence this blog. I used those experiences as the backdrop for this fictional story.

Opening the acceptance letter from CHIRON REVIEW is a moment neither Harry nor I will ever forget. I was sure I would find a rejection in the self addressed envelope that I had mailed to CHIRON REVIEW. When I saw the acceptance letter and told my husband Harry, his face lit up and he was literally jumping up and down with excitement for me. Then I looked at the next page. A post-it note read, “For Harry.” It was an acceptance for Harry for two of his poems. How many times will we each receive an acceptance in the same envelope? It is just so surreal to be accepted together. Harry also has a book review in an upcoming issue.

Later, we were having Chinese food–and a good bottle of wine, of course. When we opened our fortune cookies, Harry and I both got the same fortune, “Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.” Since we were both sitting next to each other on the couch, it was surreal to receive same fortune after our recent acceptance together. It gets weirder–we always get three fortune cookies so our Labrador Alex can have one. So far our dog’s fortunes have included a future in medical research and law and as a good religious leader. He’s a multitalented dog. Of course we have yet to see any revenue from his various careers. Anyway, Alex’s fortune last night was “Happy life is just in front of you.” Since Alex sat in front of Harry wagging his tail and wearing his cute face, the one he reserves for “Give me food,” I guess Harry is Alex’s “happy life.”