Creative cussing

Insert your own cuss word here! I used every one that I knew last night.

Driving home from Burlington from my appointment with my therapist — Yes I Have a Therapist–and I Believe Everyone Should — my car started vibrating and the steering was off. I was in the second from the left lane of the four lanes of highway 40, driving way too fast. Thinking that the timing belt, water pump, something mechanical must be malfunctioning, I swerved over two lanes of traffic and onto the shoulder of the highway with my heart pounding. The acrid smell of burned rubber made me think one of the belts had melted. My heart went in my throat when I realized that I didn’t have my cell phone. I had discovered it missing from my purse when I tried to call Harry yesterday afternoon.

I got out of the car and literally kicked the tire. The front left tire was flat. I was in Chapel Hill, twenty miles from home. The exit sign said 1 1/2 miles to exit 273. What does a person do when they are stranded on the highway with no phone. Having lived in the age of cell phones for nearly a decade, I didn’t know how to function without it. It was 6:30, but it was dark and already getting cold. I could walk the mile and a half to the exit, but then I’d be leaving the car and didn’t know what I’d find at the exit. I could have changed tire myself, but the lug wrench was missing from the trunk. Talk about poor planning on my part.

I spent the next few minutes searching the interior of the car for the phone. Still not sure what to do, I decided to stay with the car thinking that a state trouper would pass by and help. After a few minutes of that, getting impatient I stood by my car waving my hands in the cold. I do not recommend this. It is dangerous. Cars were whizzing by about a foot away from me, at upwards of 70 mph, and the wind from their passing was cold. Still, I swallowed my fear and waved my arms for a half hour, letting passersby know I was in trouble. No one stopped, which didn’t surprise me. I probably wouldn’t have stopped for some mad woman waving her arms by a stalled car. But, I did think one of the drivers would have called 911 and a state trouper would have stopped.

Finally a man who worked for AAA, but was off duty, actually stopped. He didn’t give me his contact information, so I can’t thank him properly, but thank you kind stranger. He called AAA for me. A tow truck came within minutes and ten minutes later I was driving home on the donut.

This morning I discovered that had I left my phone in my coat pocket, which was at home. I could have used both the coat and the phone last night. I will never again drive without my cell phone.


3 Responses to “Creative cussing”

  1. i wish i have a therapist. but in my country, therapists are few and they charge really exorbitant fees. so i just chose blogging and writing and art practice in general as one form of coping. otherwise, if i were to have a say, i’d choose to get a therapist. fast.

    i love your blog. good luck with your upcoming book. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Mebuyan,
    I have found writing to be a good form of therapy. Before I found my therapist, I wrote about my life and then read what I wrote. The reading was as helpful as the writing.

    Good luck to you.


  3. omg. my story is so similar. I’m from okc, ok and I was down in norman for a friends birthday. at about midnight 30 I decided to stop by my other friends house, who lived in tuttle.. about a 20 min. drive. I had been to his house once before but from the totally opposite way and in the middle of the night. so he gave me these directions. jus go down highway 9 and you’ll run right into where u need to be. my phone died shortly after that. so I follow his directions and my instinct and finally end up in his neighborhood. I turn down the wrong housin addition and am looking for his house for a good 20 mintues.. phones dead.. jus kinda talking to myself ‘where the hell is your house at!’ over and over. I go to find a payphone , get some change out, don’t remember his number. no one I know would have his number. so I end up goin back to the neighborhood and its the very next addition so I find his house. I’m crying, soakin wet cause it had been rainin while I was using the payphone. as I was leaving, I called one of my girlfriends to tell her my phone died and was on my way home. he was about to fall asleep but told me to text him when I got back. so I’m drivin down highway 9, about 5 min in.. jus passed the turnpike and my back tire is feeling weird. I pull over, its flat. I have to back to my friends house tho.. so I keep drivin on it. I go as far as I can and have to stop. sit in my car.. this can’t be happenin. oh forgot to mention on my way out of his house I was runnin to my car and slipped and fell right on my face.. so I’m in this dress, now soaking wet. no phone, about 3am, middle of nowhere.. pouring down. the only thing I can do is try and wave someone down. I’m standn out in the middle of the highway trying to wave down every car, granted there were about 7 in that time slot. I was jumpin from one side to the other. I had got this blanket out of my car(scooby doo none the less) and there was a car comin from both sides.. its a toss up but ill try for the one on my side.. there is really no room for him to

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