Skunk or dog?

I recently received this e-mail from a reader:
Good luck finishing your WIP. I don’t know about you, but even when I have a day off from teaching (or whatever work), there are so many other things to do…

It is so true. A day off work can mean catching up on household chores and errands, or just recovering from the stress of the work week. I will really have to work to protect my writing time on my Fridays off. If these days do become “catch up” days, then I will have to use my weekends to write.

As an example, and the reason for this post title:

Yesterday, which was my first day off work on my part time schedule, I spent two hours at the vet with our black lab, Alex. Harry and I noticed that King Alex was bleeding from his rectal area when we were walking him Tuesday evening. I immediately thought that he ate something bad, like glass. He had just gobbled our Halloween decorations, I think consuming some wire. Too late to go to his regular vet, we went to the after hours emergency vet to find that Alex had an abscessed anal sac, a very painful condition. Anal sacs are the same type of organs that a skunk uses to scare away its enemies – didn’t know that a dog had them. Because most dogs live in an environment that has no enemies, the sacs are rarely emptied, so these organs are an ideal environment in which bacteria can grow. It turns out that black labs are a breed susceptible to anal sac disease.

Our boy was sedated and had emergency surgery Tuesday night. Needless to say, his care and check up at the vet Friday has interrupted my writing schedule. But, Harry and I are happy that Alex has healed and is pain free.

I still managed to get four hours of writing done after the vet appointment yesterday. I have to admit that I wasn’t motivated and it shows in the revisions that I did yesterday. So I am spending this morning revising my work from yesterday and then moving on to new revisions. But, I am working.

Harry and I slept ten hours last night. It feels good to be able to write on a Saturday morning, having already recovered from the work week, revived and awake. I am optimistic about my new schedule.


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