Reducing the can from comment spam

My blog has a new look because I got up this morning to 48 comment spams, everything from real estate tips to sites promoting drugs to increase my erection – like I need that. While I was mucking around in the blog settings, I decided to give the blog a new look as well.

Why are they spamming me?

Apart from because they can, the need to raise page ranking in search engines gives rise to the need to create a lot of links to a web page so the search engine thinks that page is important. From WordPress’s page on Combatting Comment Spam FAQ.

Because they can. Let’s take the can away from comment spam.

I painstakenly deleted the comment spam — all 48 of them. Then I tried one of wordpress’s tips. I clicked “An administrator must always approve a comment” box and my e-mail inbox was soon full of spam comments to delete.

I didn’t realize spammers were clogging up blogs until now. Upon doing some researching I found that the explosion of blog spam is a besetting problem for the blog industry.

A splog is a “spam blog”, a blog that copies content from other blogs without permission (though there might be a link back), using that content as if it was their own. It’s a little more complex than that, as some mix and match content from many blogs, or mix and match content from different posts into one post. The key to identifying a splog is that the content is not their own, and typically there is no original content to be found.
Splogs tend to have content unrelated to the title and reported purpose of the blog. They also may use content taken from other blogs and stuff their own keywords into the post, promoting whatever they are selling like ringtones, porn sites, drugs, dating, casinos, etc.

For the most part, it is easy to spot a splog, but much harder to get it shut down. Reporting Spam Blogs – Splogs « Lorelle on WordPress

Here’s to reducing the can from comment spam!

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