Yes I Have a Therapist–and I Believe Everyone Should

Why? Stressors, pressures — we all cope with them as part of our daily lives. Who hasn’t experienced anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, and the occasional celebration or escape with too many cocktails? These are all symptoms of a condition that no one talks about: mental illness. I hope that my honest and personal reflection will help shed some light on the illnesses that has been shrouded in darkness. Check out Yes I Have a Therapist–and I Believe Everyone Should , published in Dana Literary Society’s March, 2007, Online journal.

The publication of this piece took an usual start. I sent a piece that took a humorous, (I think), look at the world from a science teacher’s eye to the director of Dana Literary in hopes that he would want to run it in the Online journal. (The piece was titled “Science Curse” and originally published in this blog). He didn’t want to publish the essay, but in it I had written, “I have a therapist and I think that everyone should.” Robert Ward asked me to expand upon that statement, and so was born the essay that appears in the March Online journal. It took courage to put it out there and I hope that my honesty will make an impact.

I would like to thank my therapist, who made this essay possible. To our mental health!


2 Responses to “Yes I Have a Therapist–and I Believe Everyone Should”

  1. Liked your thoughtful article. Congrats on your courage and honesty. “Starting Over” is never easy but almost always rewarding. Anita

  2. Thanks Anita,
    Yes — starting over is damn hard. But, happiness and mental health is so worth it.

    I looked at your blog. I think it ironic that your latest entry is on Tax Prep Made Easy. You write, “I know the perfect way to reduce the time, energy and money you spend paying Uncle Sam. Quit all your jobs. I did.” That would be one way to avoid paying the IRS. My husband and I just met with our tax person last night and found to our horror that we owe the IRS, yet again.

    Heavy sigh,

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