Until Death Do Us Part

Trips to the emergency room, lies to cover up, and the pain of knowing it will go on. It is one of the oldest stories in the world, and one that almost always ends in tragedy. Yet against all odds, courageous women overcome and escape from the abuse.

“Until Death Do Us Part” is a glimpse into the reservoir of strength one woman used to escape the everyday horror of her life. Can she really recover from sleeping with the enemy? You can decide.

“Until Death Do Us Part” is born from the marriage of two short stories originally titled “Her Sister’s Ghost” and “The Driver.” Both stories share a common element. The main character has left the plane of what we call reality.

“Her Sister’s Ghost” is one of the first pieces of fiction that I wrote and although I’ve not lived through the horror that Ashleigh faces, I based her character on glimpses from my life. “The Driver” is one girl’s story about how to live after a tragedy of her own creation. I hope the marriage of the two stories works to convey the depth of fear that abused women carry within their souls.

update: 9/18/08
This story is currently being revised. It had a few issues, like info dumps and wandering.


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